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Medical Device manufacturers in digital health space face unique  challenges relative to connecting data, physicians, and patients.  At Allturna, we appreciate how the massive surge of Big Data in the healthcare space has made integration and connectivity more challenging than ever, and have aligned our capabilities and offerings around bringing this capability to the market to support the Digital Health marketplace.   

What Your Peers Are Telling Us:

In dealing with an ever expanding ocean of Big Data, there is a critical need to partner with vendors that possess the right combination of analytical,  data integration and platform expertise to help make achievement of our commercial goals viable.  Its a fact that commercial resource and budget constraints have a direct impact on goal achievement.  This means commercial initiatives in the form of sales force size/coverage, sample tracking relative to digital marketing, and adequate insight into HCP behavioral is often not adequately funded. 

Allturna's Solution:

Whether your firm's needs encompass a simple ad-hoc service such as reporting and insights (our HCP Insights offering) or a more robust CRM platform (our Rx Advantage solution) or a more customized engagement to optimize an existing technological CRM investment, (see case study), Allturna is here to help.  

We've built a business by empowering clients with a clear understanding of HCP behavioral preferences according to market segment.  And when a full scale solution is required, we help develop a robust CRM platform aligned with strategy.  Utilizing established expertise in advanced analytics, data stewardship, and strategic insight, Allturna provides the oversight and solutions necessary to build a foundation for success.  

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